The Forest Factory Institute (IFF) is a non-profit civil association of legal entities, qualified as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP), based in the Eco Parque Sauípe, which was named by UNESCO as an Advanced Biosphere Post of the Atlantic Forest because of the work on social and environmental issues.

It was founded in 1999, reformulated in 2005 at the initiative of the companies of the Camaçari Petrochemical Complex and the tourism sector in the region with the objective of thinking, in an integrated and sustainable way, the local environmental issues and is a member of both the North Coast APAS Management Council. Bahia and Rio Joanes Ipitanga as well as the Bahia River Basin Committee.

The Forest Factory Institute develops its actions through three projects:

EcoParque Sauípe: has environmental education, ecotourism, training and events activities;
Forest Factory: operates in the areas of environmental education, restoration, restoration, landscaping and afforestation of forest seedlings;
Reviveiros Velho Chico: aims to develop, through ecological nurseries in strategic regions of some of the main tributaries of the São Francisco River, the recovery and revitalization of springs and degraded areas.

The Environmental Education Program (PEA) is part of the Eco Parque Sauipe project, receiving students who participate in an eco-pedagogical circuit, accompanied by a guide, and has national recognition through the achievement of several important awards, including the ECO Award, promoted by American Chamber, the CNI Ecology Award, promoted by the National Confederation of Industry, and the Ecology Super Top, promoted by the Association of Directors – ADVB, Von Martius Award, from the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Pinto de Sousa School, in the category Respect for the environment.


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