The relationship between industry and the environment must necessarily be based on the concept and practices of sustainable development. And this is a vital challenge for industrial activity, both from the point of view of the public image of industry and its responsibility to society, and from an economic perspective.

The company acts responsibly with society and offers sustainable solutions for the industry without harming the environment.

Since 1978, Cetrel has been dedicated to ensuring environmental quality at the Camaçari Industrial Complex and throughout the area of ​​influence of this large complex of industries, which is one of the largest and most important not only in Brazil but also in Latin America. Cetrel’s performance is, in fact, marked by its commitment to the environment, translated into the efficient and responsible operation of environmental control and pollution prevention systems.

A leading company in its field of activity, Cetrel operates with the most advanced environmental engineering equipment and permanently invests in the training and improvement of its technical staff, as well as in technological modernization and in the development of environmental management systems, always seeking the improvement. of your operational and business performance.

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Rod BA 530 Via Atlântica, SN, Polo Industrial de Camaçari, Camaçari, Cep 42.816-280

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