• 1 - Why does Cetrel exist?

    Cetrel exists to provide water, treatment and final disposal of effluents and industrial waste, water distribution and reuse, as well as full environmental monitoring of the Complex.

  • 2 - What are the benefits of Cetrel's existence?

    Cetrel treats and disposes of effluents, such as industrial processes and sewage, in addition to diagnosing, monitoring, remediating and managing all environmental resources. Society has the most to gain, for having sustainable processes that ensure commitment to the future of the environment.

  • 3 - How is Cetrel committed to the future?

    Cetrel's commitment is to ensure a sustainable future through its expertise in innovative environmental management and the development of new technologies.

  • 4 - Where does the waste that will be treated at Cetrel come from?

    The waste that is treated at Cetrel is generated by the industries of the Camaçari Industrial Complex.

  • 5 - Where does the waste Cetrel treats go?

    The effluent, after being treated, is sent to the undersea outfall and disposed of in the ocean. Solid waste is destined for the cement plant, where the product is thermally used, reducing the burning of fossil fuels and the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, generating a sustainable destination.

  • 6 - I would like to visit Cetrel, is it possible?

    At the link contact us, respond to the form on the site, fill in the information correctly and wait for contact.

  • 7 - I'm with the press, and I want to make a story about Cetrel. Who should I look for?

    Suely Temporal, phone: +55 71 9 9918-9633

  • 8 - I liked the photos in the image bank, can I use them?

    Please contact us through our contacts on the website.

  • 9 - I would like to work at Cetrel, where should I send my resume to?

    Register the resume in the area of people.

  • 10 - What is Marine Outfall?

    Marine Outfall is the section of subsea piping that is part of Cetrel's ocean disposal system, through which treated effluent is transported and discharged into the open sea, advancing nearly five kilometers into the ocean.

  • 11 - Where is the Marine Outfall?

    Cetrel's outfall is located in the Arembepe region of Camaçari.

  • 12 - What are effluents?

    No longer used by companies, they are gaseous or liquid waste produced during industrial processes, sewage or rainwater.

  • 13 - Is there a risk of these effluents polluting the beaches and the sea?

    There is no risk, as the effluents are sent for final disposal in the ocean after the biological treatment step at Cetrel's Effluent Treatment Station. After treatment, the effluent is discharged into the sea through Cetrel's outfall, where it is subjected to high dilution, dispersion and self-purification capacity of marine waters.

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