• Monitoring and management of underground and surface water resources
  • Oceanographic Monitoring
  • Design and optimization of monitoring programs based on EPA long-term monitoring optimization (LTMO) and Geospatial Analysis for Optimization at Environmental Sites methodologies.


Since 1993, Cetrel has been responsible for the Camaçari Complex Water Resources Management Program. Among the main actions developed by the Program is the monitoring of the quality and sustainable use of the São Sebastião aquifer, signaling to the client information on water supply and demand management and preparing water scarcity risk analysis, aiding well drilling investment decisions, construction of water mains, or even projects to regulate river flow and water reuse projects. The program is responsible for monitoring various wells and implementing contamination migration containment systems such as: Hydraulic Barrier systems. Management includes the identification and elimination of primary and secondary sources of contamination. In the context of oceanographic monitoring, CETREL has been conducting periodic monitoring campaigns since 1990, where chemical, physicochemical, sedimentological, biological and physical oceanography aspects (sea currents and winds) are evaluated. Gathering experiences in Arembepe, Aratu, Salvador, Rio das Ostras and Maceió.


  • Identification and elimination of contamination sources, primary and secondary.
  • Rationalization and optimization of water use in the region
  • Soil and water remediation
  • Hydraulic Barrier.
  • Water risk assessment methodologies.
  • Oceanographic Monitoring.

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