• Preliminary Evaluation
  • Confirmatory Investigation
  • Detailed Investigation
  • Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment
  • Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Remediation of contaminated areas


CETREL operates in the management of contaminated areas in large Brazilian Industrial Complexes. It started in 1994 at the Camaçari Industrial Complex, expanding services to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Maceió, Manaus, among others. Cetrel offers industries complete environmental diagnostics in the area of soil and groundwater, ranging from preliminary assessment through confirmatory research to detailed investigation, risk assessment and remediation of contaminated areas through the use of world-renowned techniques. such as Multi Phase Extraction (MPE), Soil Steam Extraction (SVE) and AirSparging, as well as extensive knowledge and experience in innovative remediation technologies such as Thermal Remediation, Ozone Sparging, ART (Accelerated Remediation Technologies) and Bioremediation (Biostimulation/Bioaccumulation). Cetrel also offers specialized services focused on eliminating primary and secondary sources of contamination according to each customer’s specified needs.


  • Thermal Remediation;
  • Ozone Sparging;
  • ART (Accelerated Remediation Technologies);
  • Bioremediation (Biostimulation/Bioaccumulation).


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