• Design, Operation and maintenance of air monitoring networks
  • Air quality environmental monitoring services with fixed or mobile units
  • Monitoring of atmospheric emissions, including fugitive emissions
  • Vehicle and Industrial Emissions Inventory
  • Atmospheric Dispersion Studies (EDA)
  • Hydrometeorological Monitoring Services
  • Operation and maintenance of networks and operation of Radars and Sodars



CETREL has been responsible for the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of the Camaçari Industrial Hub’s Air Monitoring Network (RMA) and Meteorology since 1994, as well as the implementation, operation and maintenance of the Salvador RMA (5 years), operation and maintenance of the RMAs of the state of Rio de Janeiro (3 years) and COMPERJ (8 years), including the monitoring of atmospheric pollutants and weather conditions, as well as the SODAR/RASS (wind direction, mixing layer height, etc.) In industrial regions monitoring is complemented via Summa Cannisters for the monitoring of volatile organic compounds and metal analysis in particulate filters. The RMA and Meteorology of the Camaçari Industrial Complex area of influence was conceived by CETREL and is a reference in Brazil for air monitoring. Enjoying credibility with communities, environmental agencies, educational institutions and companies of the Complex. Respected for the quality and reliability of the data generated and its environmental importance. Monitoring is carried out through 10 fixed stations, equipped with modern automatic monitoring technologies, in full compliance with national laws and international technical standards dealing with air quality monitoring issues.


Use of mobile meteorological units capable of measuring wind direction and speed, continuous air pollutant analyzers, and software responsible for data collection, storage and processing. Its stations are interconnected by a telemetry system that allows the online and real time availability of the data collected.

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