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Cetrel provides Environmental Management, including “in company” ones, acting in the management of various segments, such as air emissions, water resources, effluents, solid residue and legal requirements. The impacted areas, biodiversity conservation, environmental educational programs and media are also covered.
The laboratory operates focusing on client needs and demands. The division is approved by the NBR ISO/IEC 17025 norms and provides environmental analysis services in compliance with many regulations, such as: Conamas, NBRs e 2914 Ordinance.

Environmental Management offered services:

  • Environmental Management
  • Monitoring and management of Environmental permits;
  • Elaboration of environmental restrictioncompliance reports;
  • Management of environmental agencies external and companies internal information systems;
  • Elaboration, monitoring and compliance of environmental indicators;
  • Compliance verification, review and elaboration of companies environmental standards;
  • Operation of environmental services in scheduled shutdowns;
  • Solid residue management, from delivering to final disposal;
  • Elaboration of inventories and Solid Residue Management Program (SRMP);
  • Elaboration and execution of internal and external social education programs, with lectures, environmental fairs and training;

Air Emission Management

  • Project, operation and maintenance of air monitoring networks;
  • Monitoring of air emissions, including fugitive ones;
  • Inventory of industrial and vehicular emissions;
  • Atmospheric Dispersion Research (ADR);
  • Air quality monitoring services with fixed or mobile units;
  • Hydrometeorological monitoring services, operation and maintenance of networks and operation of radars and SODARES; etc.

Water Resources and Impacted Areas Management

  • Solutions in oceanographic, superficial and subterranean water resources monitoring;
  • Elaboration and optimization of monitoring programs based in EPA long-term monitoring optimization (LTMO) e Geospatial Analysis for Optimization at Environmental Sites methodologies;
  • Hydrogeological reports;
  • Environmental date monitoring integrated system, based on Software EQUIS (Environmental Data Management Software) software;
  • Effluent analysis and gathering;
  • Residue characterization and gathering;
  • Impacted areas monitoring, diagnosing and remediation;
  • Human Health preliminary evaluation, confirmatory investigation, detailed investigation and risk evaluation;
  • Environmental liability management;
  • Conceptual model elaboration.


  • Chemical and Physical testing;
  • Chromatographic tests;
  • Microbiological tests;
  • Ecotoxicological microscopy;

In air, water, effluents, sediments and soil. Hazardous solid waste, wastewater and industrial sludge.