environmental responsability

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The relationship between industry and environment has to be based mainly on concepts and practices of sustainable development. This represents a vital challenge for the industrial activity not only on the point of view of the industrie’s public image and its responsibility with society but also by the economical perspective.

Pollution is, first and foremost, waste. Residue generation is, ultimately, throwing money away and lose resources that could be used or recovered.

Cetrel engages, since 1978, to look after environmental quality at the Industrial Hub of Camaçari and at all area of influence of these big complex of industries, which is one of the biggest and most important not only in Brazil but also in Latin America. Cetrel’s operation is characterized by its attitude and commitment to the environment, which can be seen in its efficient and responsible operation of the environmental control and pollution prevention systems.

An acknowledged company on its field of work, Cetrel operates with the most advanced environmental engineering equipment and invests constantly on preparing and training its technical body.

Cetrel could not be restricted on performing effectively its operational duties without taking into account its social role as a company. Such concern is shown in two consistent social responsibility strategies:

The Environmental Education and Fauna Preservation programs that are carried out at Parque Sauípe through Fábrica de Florestas Institute and are dedicated to planting and seedling on an area of 408 hectares. This Institute was born at Cetrel SA in 2007 a fills out an ecological reserve on the North Cost of Bahia, 1.2 million seeds were produced, 600 thousand were planted and more than 300 thousand were seeded on the forest ring.

Cetrel’s commitment is with society therefore it is applying the best available technology for environmental protection when searching the best solutions for the environment with efficiency, safety and reliability in addition to doing an effective corporate citizenship.